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As murders and brutality by police officers on the Black community continues, media now is attempting to change the narrative away from innocent Black people to the fragility of police officers narrative as a distraction. WE MUST NOT ALLOW THE NARRATIVE TO CHANGE! We respect all police officers, but we do not respect nor honor murderers of any profession. Black lives are just as important as all other lives in this country.

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Building blocks for living a nonviolent life protesting racism in a nonviolent manner! Taking nonviolent action into 2021 and beyond. Black lives matter is a long-term movement to build anti-racists following that is active in dismantling structural racism and by joining the Black lives matter movement in the battle to stop systemic racism.

Due to the enormous amount injustice on people of color we face today, the power of active nonviolence is needed now more than ever. This is why Black lives matter Georgia is seeking nonviolent participants to join our nonviolence movement as an obvious and natural way of life and taking action to ensure we have a world that works for all of us.

At this critical turning point, we call on the mainstream to be active nonviolent participants, by living nonviolence, studying the principles and methods of nonviolence, sharing the stories of nonviolence, building the means of nonviolence, and taking nonviolence public—in our neighborhoods, schools, religious communities, organizations, cities, and societies.

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We at Black Lives Matter Georgia Inc. wish to say thanks to Google Inc. Without you guys our mission would be very difficult. investing in technology is not an option we have, Google for nonprofits allows us to have that investment without worrying about that cost and without worrying about spending money that we don’t have on things we so desperately need, and IHS Markit charitable foundation for their financial support which will help so many, a shout out to Andrew and Arkadiusz for your support! Again thanks.